Instructors, TAs and students can email each other through the Mail block on cuLearn.  cuLearn does NOT have an Inbox-only outgoing emails can be sent FROM cuLearn.  To retrieve any/all emails, instructors, TAs and students must check their Carleton email account(s).

News Forum

The News Forum is available by default in all cuLearn courses. It allows the instructor to post important course announcements, which are archived on the forum page. Students are subscribed by default to receive these announcements in their University email accounts.


Forums are discussion boards where instructors, TAs and students can post questions and replies to one another.  Participants can also upload attachments of any kind here.


The live Chat tool allows instructors and students to communicate synchronously with other users in the chat room.


BigBlueButton is a synchronous learning tool that allows instructors to host online classes and office hours through cuLearn.  The tool automatically creates a private room with audio, video, presentation and whiteboard capabilities allowing students to be actively engaged in the online learning environment.


The Scheduler activity allows instructors to schedule one-on-one appointments with students. You specify the periods during which you are available to see the students and the length of each appointment. The students then book themselves into one of the available time slots. The Scheduler activity also lets you record the attendance and grade the appointment.