Import previously taught content

Import or migrate content from courses you have previously taught at Carleton University.

Edit tools

Get familiar with the edit tools on cuLearn.

Add labels

Add text and images to your course page by using labels.

Add files

Upload files (e.g., .docx, .pdf, .pptx, .xlsx, .jpeg, .wav, .mp3, etc.) to your course from your computer or external memory drive.

Add folders

Use folders to organize and group files and clean up the clutter on your course page.

Add pages

Create your own webpage within the course with text, images, web links, sound or video that you can continually update.

Add URLs

Provide links to resources on the internet such as websites or online files.

Add a book resource

A book resource is a tool to add multiple pages that a student can navigate through without downloading any files or leaving the course page. It’s useful for giving complex instructions or providing a weekly or topic synopsis.