1. Topics Format 
  2. Weekly Format
  3. Grid Format
  4. Collapsed Topics Format
  5. Tab Topics Format
  6. Single Activity Format
  7. Changing Your Course Format
  8. Editing the Topic Headings

The course format determines the layout of your cuLearn course page. You may organize your course in any of the following formats. Topics format and Weekly format are the most widely used.  In your course settings, you have the following format options:

Topics Format 

This is the default (and most widely used) format for each cuLearn course, with 12 topics appearing on the main course page (you may rename these topics as you like). You may use the topics to group together assignments and labs.

Weekly Format

The course page is organized into weekly sections, with the first week of the course start date at the top of the page.

Grid Format

This changes the format of a course from a long list of Topics to a grid of icons with links to the topics. To put it more simply, it kills the scroll of death.  You can add pictures to each block, which makes this perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Collapsed Topics Format

This is a format that is essentially the same as the standard Topic and Weekly formats but with a ‘toggle’ for each section. The toggles’ purpose is to reduce the amount of initial information presented to the user, thus reducing the ‘scroll of death’ that can plague courses with a lot of content. The ‘state’ of the toggles is remembered on a per course, per user basis.

Tab Topics Format

A tabbed layout that allows access to topics by clicking on tabs right at the top of the page. It effectively reduces the scroll of death.  You can also add pictures to the tabs.

Single Activity Format

The single activity format does not have a course main page and immediately redirects to the single activity placed in that course (a survey, feedback, or quiz, for instance).  Similarly, the Social format displays a single forum on the main course page.  This format might be useful for situations that are more free form.

Changing Your Course Format

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Click the Settings Gear on the right side of your course page.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select Edit Settings.
  5. On the Edit Course Settings page, select a course format from the Format drop down menu (see image below) under Course Format.
  6. Click Save changes.

Editing the Topic Headings

You can change the name of a topic as well as add some other materials (text, images, audio, and video) to the top of any topic. Please see the Editing Topic Headings page for instructions.

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