The Course Setup Checklist is designed for instructors to guide cuLearn course setup at the start of term. Completing the tasks on this checklist will help ensure that the cuLearn course has the foundational elements of a successful learning environment. You can also download the checklist as a PDF.

cuLearn Course Setup Checklist


✓ Post your syllabus to cuLearn

The syllabus provides a framework for students on course structure and expectations.

For instructions, see Adding Files 

✓ Add your contact information

Establish your presence in the course early on. Post your name, office hours and office location to a topic block or optional block on the course page.

For instructions, see Blocks

✓ Customize your course layout

The “Topics” layout is the default in cuLearn and is customizable. However, there are other layouts to choose from as well. Once you’ve chosen your layout, delete or hide any unused blocks to minimize distractions and to keep the course site uncluttered.

For instructions, see Course Format (Layout) and Editing Topic Headings

✓ Add a Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants must be manually added to the course by the instructor to give TA access.

For instructions, see Enrolling Users

✓ Add cuLearn activities and dates

Online activities, such as assignments, quizzes or discussion forums, can be completed inside or outside of class. Add key dates to the calendar.

For instructions, see Assignments, Quizzes, Forums (Discussion), and Calendar

✓ Import content

Encourage students to review course content outside of class by uploading slides, relevant websites, and videos.

For instructions, see Adding Files, Add URLs, and Adding media

Setup the Gradebook

The gradebook can be used to display grades and calculate course totals. Anyone from the Ed Tech team can meet with you to provide advice and assistance with your gradebook.

For instructions, see Gradebook Setup

✓ Make the course visible to students

All courses are hidden by default to give instructors time to set them up. When you are ready, show your course to the students so they have access.

For instructions, see Make courses visible to students

✓ Send a welcome announcement

Connect with your students right away by sending an announcement welcoming them to the course.

NOTE: announcements are only emailed out to students from the course when the course is visible.

For instructions, see Announcements

Need help setting up your course?

cuLearn Teaching Tips

cuLearn is a multi-functional tool with such a large range of capabilities that it’s challenging to know about all of them. The list below includes just a small selection of available tasks instructors can do in cuLearn to make teaching easier.

Some tasks you can do in/with cuLearn:

✓ Merge course sections together into one course for simplified course management

How to merge course sections

Setup group work to allow one submission and grade per group  

How to setup groups in cuLearn

✓ Download all assignment submissions into one zip file for offline grading  

How to download assignments submissions

Use grade categories to keep the highest grade out of a group of assessments  

How to add grade categories

✓ Track student participation in the course

 How to track student participation in cuLearn

✓ Add extra blocks to the right-hand column of your page that link to course related external sites (i.e. Twitter, news sites, citation generators)

How to add blocks to your course page

✓ Create a link to Ares using the Library Reserves block for convenient student access to course readings online

How to activate Ares in cuLearn

✓ Create and use grading rubrics for online assignments

How to create rubrics in cuLearn

✓ Drag and drop files onto the course page

How to add files to your course page

✓ View and grade cuPortfolio assignments submissions within cuLearn

How to create cuPortfolio assignments in cuLearn

✓ Seamlessly integrate Poll Everywhere results into your gradebook

How to integrate Poll Everywhere into cuLearn 

✓ Use LaTex and MathJax to render equations in quizzes and pages

Where to Get Help

Need help using cuLearn?

The EdTech team is always willing to consult with instructors to explore technical enhancements for classroom goals. Bring us your teaching issues, and we’ll see if we can find a workable solution for you.

Schedule a consultation by emailing or by calling extension 4433.

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Need help transitioning your course online?

Moving your course online

Need help designing your course?

Online course design guide

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