According to the University’s Corporate Records and Archives Policy and the Carleton University Retention Schedule, the responsibility of maintaining course materials, course outlines, student work and other similar documents resides with faculties, departments or schools. The LMS is neither an ideal environment to permanently host materials, nor is it designed to act as a backup system.

Undergraduate and graduate credit courses, and all data in these courses, will be retained in Carleton’s LMS for five years from the course’s enddate. At the end of the five-year period, expiring courses and all the material within the course will be permanently deleted. This five-year period is intended to provide instructors with significant flexibility and access to old course materials, assignments and grades. Deletion of expired LMS course site materials will take place during the Fall academic term. Deletion of these expired course sites is permanent and non-recoverable.

Instructors have the ability to download and copy their LMS course at any time and can back them up on to their own systems. Procedures to complete a backup are provided here:

Notification of Removal of LMS Course Sites

Instructors will be notified in advance of the deletion of course sites at the end of the five-year retention period. Notification will be via a variety of communication tools, including email, announcements, Carleton Top 5, postings inside of the LMS, and other approaches as appropriate.

More information can be found on the University Secretariat website in the Retention and Removal of Course Related
Data in Carleton’s LMS document.

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