1. Grade Export to Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Submitting Final Grades to E-Grades Using a Spreadsheet
    1. Step 1: Export the gradebook as an Excel spreadsheet from cuLearn.
    2. Step 2: Organize the columns in Excel for E-grades
    3. Step 3: Copying and Pasting Grades in E-grades

In cuLearn, you can export part or all of the course gradebook. Grades can be exported to keep a copy for your records, to use for off-line grade entry, or for submission to the E-grades final grades system at Carleton. cuLearn offers a number of different export file types. The most common is the Excel spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT!  Remember that the grades and student data contained in the grade book are confidential and protected by privacy legislation. You have a duty to safeguard student data and records. Be very careful with the storage and distribution of course files.  Grade archives should be deleted after the course is over, as cuLearn will maintain the grading records.

Grade Export to Excel Spreadsheet

To export the gradebook as an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarleton1 (MC1) credentials.
  2. Click on the course link.
  3. In the navigation menu on the left side of your course page, click Grades.
    NOTE: If you cannot see the navigation menu, you may need to expand it first. To open the navigation menu, click on the hamburger button on the top-left side of your course page
  4. Click the Export tab.
  5. Select the grade items you want to include in the spreadsheet by checking the corresponding boxes.NOTE: you can use the Select all/none link to rapidly uncheck all the grade items and then re-check only the Course Total for E-grades submission.
    NOTE: For E-grades (final grade submission), you will want to click to select Letter option and uncheck the box beside Real.Under the Export format options heading, determine how you want the spreadsheet to display data. For example, you can choose whether to display grades as real, percentage, or letter values, and you can also determine the number of decimal places appearing in the grades.
  6. Click Download to download the course grades.  The course grades will export into an Excel spreadsheet, usually to your Downloads folder on your computer.

Submitting Final Grades to E-Grades Using a Spreadsheet

Exporting your grades from cuLearn into a spreadsheet makes it possible to copy and paste your final grades into Carleton’s E-grades system. Copying and pasting grades makes it easier to upload large numbers of grades quickly without manual grade entry. E-grades is accessed via Carleton Central.

The Registrar’s Office provides support for E-grades if you need assistance. For full instructions and help with E-grades, please visit the help file on the E-grades page or contact Systems and Training at: Faculty_Systems_Support@carleton.ca; tel. (613) 796-3450.

To copy and paste grades from an Excel spreadsheet into E-grades:

Step 1: Export the gradebook as an Excel spreadsheet from cuLearn.

a) In the Grade items to be included section, uncheck ALL grade items other than the Course total.
b) Under the Export format options menu, select the grade export display type as Letter.

NOTE: cuLearn does not round up grades. It will, for instance, convert a 79.9 to a B+ not an A-.

c) Click Download. A popup window will appear verifying that you wish to view your file in Excel.
d) Click OK and your Excel file will appear.

Step 2: Organize the columns in Excel for E-grades

E-grades is very particular about which columns and the order of columns it will accept. It will only accept the following columns in this order: Student ID, Surname, First Name and Final letter Grade. Any other columns in the Excel file must be deleted or moved.

 You must have an Excel spreadsheet that looks like this:

NOTE: Ensure that all final letter grades are single letter. If the failure grade of F is written as F(fail), you will need to remove (fail).

Step 3: Copying and Pasting Grades in E-grades

To Copy and Paste from Excel to E-grades:

a) Log into E-Grades via Carleton Central or MyCarleton (see http://www.carleton.ca/registrar/egrades/ for instructions) and select the class you would like to submit grades for.
b) Click Copy and paste grades. This will open up a blank text box where you will paste the copied grades data.

c) Go back your Excel Spreadsheet screen.
d) Select all the data from the spreadsheet and leave out the column headers in the first row. (See the screen image above for a visual.)

NOTE: Any extra columns in the Excel file must be deleted or moved. Keep only the Student ID, Surname, First Name, and Final Letter Grade columns. But leave out the column headers.

c) Copy the selected data in the spreadsheet.
d) Go back to the E-grades window and click in the text box.
e) Paste the grades data into the text box.  The grade data should appear. NOTE: the data will appear out of alignment. This is normal and is not a problem.
f) Click Save grades to upload your grades to E-grades.  The grades should appear in the Grades field for each student. Review the grades and submit, or Save as a draft.

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