Carleton University uses a learning management system (LMS) called cuLearn. The LMS allows students, instructors and TAs to engage with each other in an online environment. Your TAs and instructors may use cuLearn to share course related materials, such as assignments, notes, quizzes, grades and learning activities with you.

You can access cuLearn from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

To access cuLearn

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your MyCarletonOne username and password.
    NOTE:You will need to have a MyCarletonOne account set up. If your account is not yet set up, visit the MyCarletonOne website 
  3. Click login.  NOTE: If your MyCarletonOne login and password are not working (i.e you are not able to login to cuLearn), please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at 613-520-3700 or by emailing

    If your login is successful, you will see a dialogue box with links to all the courses you have access to. Your courses will be grouped by semester/term. Previous semesters/terms may be collapsed or expanded by using the toggle arrow beside them or the Collapse all and Expand all options on the top right. See the image below for a screen shot of the dialogue box with the courses, as well as the toggle arrows,

    and collapse/expand all tabs indicated by green.

    Screen shot of the cuLearn Courses by Semester dialogue box with toggle arrows and collapse all/expand all buttons indicated by green markers