There are four main roles within cuLearn that are available to users. These are Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Designer and Student. Each of these roles is described in more detail below:

  • Teacher: A teacher in a cuLearn course essentially acts as a Manager within the course. They have the ability to edit the content and activities of the course, as well as perform any grading functions. As well, they can add new users to the course.
  • Teaching Assistant: A teaching assistant (TA) is able to view course content, grade assignments and add marks to the gradebook, as well as communicate with students through forums and email. They do not have the ability edit or add any content to the course page.
  • Designer: The designer role is essentially the opposite of the TA, in that they can add/edit different components of the course, however, they cannot perform any grading function, including adding or removing questions to quizzes.
  • Student: A student is the base function within cuLearn. They are able to view and participate in activities, however, they cannot add/edit material or view any grades other than their own.