1. To hide or show a grade column to students:
  2. To change how students see their grades:

As an instructor, you can choose to hide or release (show) grades from students. By default, when you create a Grade item, it is automatically released (shown) to students, meaning as soon as you enter grades into the column, your students can see them.  Likewise, your Course total, which automatically calculates as you enter marks throughout the term, is also released to students by default.

To hide or show a grade column to students:

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. In the navigation menu on the left side of your course page, click Grades.
    • NOTE: If you cannot see the navigation menu, you may need to expand it first. To open the navigation menu, click on the hamburger button on the top-left side of your course page
  4. Click on the Setup tab. You should now see a list of all the grade items you have created for this course.
  5. To the right of each Grade item, under the Actions column, is an Edit drop-down menu.
  6. Click on the Edit drop down menu.
    • The following options will be available to you:  “Edit Settings”, or “Hide”.
      • Click “Hide” to hide the Grade item from the students.
      • To show (release) the Grade item, click the “Show” button (currently set to “Hide“). The Grade item font colour should become black.  The Grade item is now visible.

NOTE: The name of the grade item should become grey when it is hidden, and the eyeball icon will be crossed out.

To change how students see their grades:

As instructor, you can choose what students can see in their grade report, such as the class average.

  1. In the Setup tab, click the Course Grade Settings tab.
  2. Under User Report select the desired options for the items you want to show in the user report and the items you want to keep hidden.
  3. Click Save Changes when you are done.

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