To enrol a Teaching Assistant (TA) or other users to a course, the instructor will need to manually add them to the Participants List. Adding a Teaching Assistant to your course will enable the individual to see all course materials, course activities/assignments, and to grade student work.

Every user in cuLearn is assigned a role that specifies their permissions in the course. There are four main roles: Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Designer and Student. Each of these roles is described in more detail below:

  • Student: A Student is the default role assigned to users within cuLearn. Students are able to view course content, participate in activities, and to see their own grades (if made visible by the instructor). Students cannot add or edit materials in the course.
  • Teaching Assistant: A Teaching Assistant (TA) is able to view course content, grade assignments and add marks to the grade book. TAs can also communicate with students through forums, email and other communication tools. TAs do not have the ability to edit or add any content to the course page.
  • Designer: The Designer role is essentially the opposite of the TA, in that Designers can add/edit different components of the course. Designers cannot, however, engage in any grading functions.
  • Teacher: A Teacher in a cuLearn course is the manager of the course. Teachers have the ability to edit the content and activities of the course, as well as perform any grading functions. Teachers can also control course access by adding new users, making the course visible or hidden and controlling access to content.

To enrol a TA to your course:

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. In the navigation menu on the left side of your course page, click Participants.                                 
    NOTE: If you cannot see the navigation menu, you may need to expand it first. To open the navigation menu, click on the hamburger button on the top-left side of your course page. 
    TIP: Ensure your TA is not in the participants list.  If the TA already appears in the course, you will not be able to add them again as that person already has access to the course page.
  4. Click Enrol Users to open the Enrol Users pop-up window (See the image below).  
  5. In the Enrol Users pop-up window: type the name of your TA in the search field under Select Users.
    Your search may take about 10-15 seconds to load and the message “No suggestions” or “Too many users to show” may appear in the meantime. Continue waiting to see if the user will appear before abandoning your search.
  6. Click on the TA’s email address to select them.
    NOTE: It is important to verify your TA by their email address as there may be multiple users with the same name. You will know when a user has been selected when the name and email appear next to Select Users  (See Image above).
  7. In the drop-down menu under Assign Role, select Teaching Assistant or whatever role you would like to assign to the user. For more information about cuLearn roles, please visit the support page, Roles in cuLearn.
  8. Click Enrol Users to finalize the enrolment. 

The user should now appear with a TA role assignment and should have access to your cuLearn course page.

If you have any questions about what role is most suitable for your user, please email

WARNING! Students should not be added using this method. The Banner system will populate courses with students based on the regular registration procedure. It is important that students be registered via the Banner system, not via manual enrolments, so that they can receive a grade on their transcripts.

Assigning Multiple Roles to a User

You have the option to assign a user multiple roles in your cuLearn course.  For example, a Teaching Assistant can also be assigned the role of a Designer. Users with multiple roles will have the privileges of all assigned role types.

To assign an additional role:

  1. Login to your course page.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Participants.
  3. Find the name of the user that you want to assign a role to in the participants list.
  4. Under the Roles column, click the pencil icon beside the user’s role.                                                          
  5. Select a role from the drop-down menu. Once selected, the role should appear in blue under the role column.
  6. Click the Save changes icon (floppy disk) to save the new role you have assigned.  
  7. The assigned role should now appear next to the user’s name under Roles.  

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