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You can import or paste grades from an Excel spreadsheet into your cuLearn gradebook via the Import tab.

CSV File

To import grades from an Excel spreadsheet, the spreadsheet MUST be saved as a .csv file. Also, cuLearn uses student IDs to match the imported grades with the online gradebook. You will need to have a column for student IDs in your spreadsheet and ensure that each student in your spreadsheet has a student ID.

To import your spreadsheet:

  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet containing your grades.
  2.  Save it as .CSV (comma delimited) file.
  3. Log in to your cuLearn course.
  4. In the navigation menu on the left side of your course page, click Grades.
  5. Click the Import tab.
  6. Click Choose a file… to locate the .csv file you want to import from your computer OR drag and drop the .csv file to the blue arrow.
  7. Click Upload grades.      
  8. You will now need to make the following two selections:
    • In the “Map from” drop-down menu, select Student ID.
    • In the “Map to” drop-down menu, select Student ID. Both boxes must have the same value (i.e., both are Student ID)
  9. In the Grade item mappings section, cuLearn will read your .csv file and list the columns/headings identified in your spreadsheet.
  10. Using the drop-down lists, select which columns you wish to “Ignore” and which column(s) you wish to either create as a “new grade item” in the gradebook or import into an existing column (you’ve already created) in the gradebook. If you have already created a column in your gradebook (by adding a new grade item prior to beginning the Import process), select the column name from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: By default, the system ignores imported columns unless you tell it otherwise (this is a safety precaution to prevent users from accidentally overwriting all of their data).

Paste from spreadsheet

You also have the option of pasting the data from your Excel spreadsheet into cuLearn. To do so, you will need to follow a few steps:
1. In your Excel spreadsheet, ensure that you have the column headings for your grades indicating the assignment title or type of grade you are importing.
2. Ensure that you list student ID as one of the columns and respective grade items/grades in subsequent columns.    

3. Copy and paste the data into the Data* box in the “Paste from spreadsheet” section.
4. Select the number of rows in your spreadsheet that you wish to preview.
5. Click on Upload grades. This will bring you to a preview screen which will allow you to verify whether cuLearn is reading the data properly (i.e. headings and rows are identical to original spreadsheet).

6. Once in the preview screen, you will need to map the user and grade item in the spreadsheet to the corresponding user and grade item in the gradebook.

  • To map the user, select “Student ID” from the Map from drop menu under Identify user by.
  • To map the grade item, select “Ignore” from the ID drop menu under Grade item mappings. Next, select the corresponding feedback, other, or grade item from the drop menu beside your grade item name.

7. Click on Upload grades. When you see the “Grade import success” message in green, you have confirmation that your grades have been imported successfully.

The video below demonstrates the process of importing grades by pasting from a spreadsheet.

Import XML

It is not recommended to import grades as an XML file.

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