1. Orphaned Activities

When setting up your course, you have the option to import content from courses that you have previously taught at Carleton. You can transfer content from a previous cuLearn course using the import setting. Import allows you to transfer some or all of the uploaded course files, assignments, question banks (with categories as named in the previous course), and grade book settings, categories and items (including weights and course total).

To Import Previously Taught Content Into a New Course

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on the new course you would like to import content into.
  3. Click on the blue Gear Icon on the top-right of the course page.                       
  4. In the drop-down menu, select Import.
  5. Select the course name you want to import from. If you don’t see the course you want to import data from, type the course code into the search box and click Search.
    NOTE: If you cannot find the course, you may not have permission to import the previous course content. Check your cuLearn dashboard to confirm that the course appears and you are able to access the course with the desired content.
  6. Click Continue.  
  7. Select the course items you want import. To import a full course’s content from the previous year, check all of the following Import Settings:
    • Include activities and resources
    • Include blocks
    • Include filters
    • Include calendar events
    • Include question bank
    • Include groups and groupings
  8. Click Next.  This will load a page that will display all items from your previous course for you to select from.
    NOTE: The checked boxes let you choose the items you want to import into the new course. It also gives an All/None option at the top if you want to easily remove or add checkmarks for all/no items.
  9. Click to select the materials you want to import or deselect the items you do not want to import.
  10. Click Next. A verification page will show the items you’ve chosen to import.
    NOTE: Items you’ve selected to import will have a check mark.  Items with an X will not be imported. If you see a problem and want to change your selections, select the Previous button to go back and to make modifications.

  11. Click Perform import if you are happy with the verification. Once you click Perform import, a progress bar is displayed that indicates the status of your data transfer. This may take some time depending on the speed of your connection and the response of the cuLearn server.
  12. When the “Import is complete” message appears, click Continue to return to your course page and view your imported content.

Orphaned Activities

If some of your imported activities/topics are listed as “orphaned activities”, you need to add additional topics/sections to your course (there is more imported content than there are topics in your current course).  To do this, go to the bottom of your cuLearn course (main) page and click on the + Add Topics button below the orphaned activities.  Repeat this procedure until all imported material is no longer listed as orphaned.  All new material should become visible (should no longer be grey).

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