You can merge the sections together so they appear as once course that all the students from both sections can access. Please note that you can not merge “Lab” or “Tutorial” sections with course sections. Only courses with different student enrolments can be merged.

Please double check the information you enter as it is extremely difficult to un-merge courses once merged.

Request to Merge cuLearn Course Sections

  • Please indicate the course sections you would like merged. Please include the course ID (ex. PSYC1001), section (ex. A), CRN (ex. 34580), and term (ex. Winter 2016). Note: The easiest way to get all of this information is to copy the course titles out of your cuLearn course list.
  • When courses are merged, the new merged course will be empty unless you specify below that you would like to move the content from one of the courses into the new merged course. Please indicate "No" if there is no content that you wish to be copied over to the new course.