1. Generating a Course Participation Report
  2. Sending an Email Based on the Course Participation Report
    1. Send an Email to Students Who Have Not Completed an Activity

Course Participation Report provides an easy way to monitor general participation in your course and is particularly useful for monitoring activity in Forums. You can see if students have viewed readings or Forums, and if (and the number of times) they have posted in the forum or activity.

A special feature of Course Participation Reports is the ability to send a message to those students who are missing an activity:

Generating a Course Participation Report

To generate a Course Participation Report for your course on cuLearn:

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Click on the blue Gear icon at the top right of your course homepage
  4. In the drop-down menu, select More… 
  5. In the Reports section, click Course participation                                      
  6. A new screen will display a series of drop-down menus
  7. Choose from the following options in the drop-down menus:
    • Activity module – Select the Activity/Resource type you wish to report (e.g., Chat, Forum, Quiz, Files, etc.).
      Note: only the Modules used in the course will be listed in this drop down menu.
    • Look back – Select the period you wish to view (you can only go back to when the first activity occurred).
    • Show only – Choose whether to run the report on Student, TA or Teacher activity.
    • Show status – You can choose to view (current) Active users, Inactive users or both (All users.)
    • Show actions – Choose whether to report on Views, Posts, or both (All Actions).

  1. Groups – If your course is subdivided into groups, you can choose to view a specific group of students or your entire class (All participants).
  2. Once you have entered values for the above parameters, click Go.

NOTE: Users matching the criteria you selected will be listed in a table sorted by Name.  Under All actions you can see whether (and the number of times) specific Users have completed the selected action.

Sending an Email Based on the Course Participation Report

A useful feature of the Course Participation Report is the ability to contact all students who have not completed a certain action; it can be helpful to remind students to complete an activity, check a forum, or even to view a required reading.

Send an Email to Students Who Have Not Completed an Activity

  1. Once you have generated a Course Participation Report, at the bottom of the list of students, click Select all ‘No’
  2. From the With selected users… drop down menu, select Send a mail message.            
  3. Click OK.
  4. A screen will open where you can compose your message.  After composing your message, click Preview.  A preview of the message will open.
  5. Review your message and either click Send message, or click Update to revise your message.

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