1. Adding a Scheduler activity
  2. Setting up Time Slots
    1. Adding repeated slots
    2. Adding single slots
  3. Making Changes to Your Scheduler Activity
    1. Editing an Appointment or Time Slot 
    2. Deleting a Time slot
    3. Sending an Invitation or Reminder Email
    4. Scheduling a student appointment

The Scheduler activity allows you to schedule one-on-one appointments with your students. You can specify the time periods you are available to see students and the length of each appointment. The students then book themselves into one of the available time slots. The Scheduler activity also lets you record meeting attendance and grade the appointment.

Adding a Scheduler activity

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Go to the topic/section in which you’d like to add a Scheduler activity
  4. In the Add an Activity drop-down menu, select Scheduler.
    NOTE: If you are unable to see the Add an Activity menu, your course editing may be turned off. To turn on course editing, click the settings gear on the top-right side of your course page, and select Turn editing on from the drop-down menu.
  5. Under General, enter a Name and Introduction (optional).  This is the name of the link your students will click to make an appointment with you.
  6. Under Options, configure the following scheduler settings options:
    • Role name of teacher – Enter a role name for the person who will be meeting with students (Instructor, TA, etc.)
    • Mode – Allows you to set the number of appointments a student can register for within this scheduler or at one time.
      • To allow students only one appointment, do not alter the default settings: “Students can register” 1 appointment(s) “in this scheduler”.
      • To allow students to book more than one appointment for this particular Scheduler activity, in the drop-down menu beside Students can register, select the number corresponding to the number of appointments students can make.
        NOTE: After you’ve met with your student for the first appointment, you must mark them as “seen” before the next appointment will become available on cuLearn.To allow students to schedule multiple appointments, but only one at a time, click on the in this scheduler drop-down menu and select at a time.
    • Guard time – A guard time prevents students from changing their booking shortly before the appointment. If the guard time is enabled and set to, for example, 2 hours, then students will be unable to book a slot that starts in less than 2 hours time from now, and they will be unable to drop an appointment if it starts in less than 2 hours.
    • Default slot duration – This setting specifies the length of the appointment in minutes.  The default is 15 minutes.
    • Grade – This setting allows you to grade student appointment(s).  The default is set to “None” (no grade will be attached to the appointment(s)).  If you choose to grade an appointment, you will then need to choose how you will grade the student (Scale or Point) followed by selecting a corresponding Scale (Letter Grade, Pass/Fail, or Star Rating) or Maximum Points.
    • Grading strategy – Allows you to choose between “Take the mean grade” (averaging the grade(s) from each appointment) or Take the highest grade.  (Mode must be set to “at a time” and more than one seen must have been accumulated by a single student in order to use the Take the highest grade setting).
    • Notification – When this option is enabled, you and your students will receive email notifications when appointments are applied for or canceled.  The default is No.
  7. If the appointment will be graded, you can set the following grade type options under Grade:
    • Select a grade type (Point or Scale) in the type drop-down menu.  If scale is selected you can then choose a scale in the Scale drop-down menu. If point is selected, you can enter a maximum grade in the Maximum Grade field.
    • You have the option select the Grade category that your scheduler activity grades will be placed into
    • You can set the minimum Grade to Pass the scheduler activity.
    • The Grading strategy determines how the Scheduler grades are aggregated.  In the drop-down menu, select whether you want the gradebook to take the mean grade or take the highest grade.
  8. Under Booking form and student supplied data, you can choose whether you want students to book time slots using a separate booking form in the Use booking form drop-down menu. No is selected by default. If Yes is selected, you can enter the booking instructions and choose whether students can enter a booking message or upload files to the booking form.
  9. When you are finished configuring your setting, click Save and Display.

A link to your Scheduler activity will now appear on your main course page (see example below). You will be taken into the scheduler tool where you can set up the specific appointment time slots students will register for.  The scheduler tool has now been enabled, but the time slots need to be set up as well.

Setting up Time Slots

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Click on the link for your Scheduler activity.
  4. Click on Add slots (the link is in blue to the right of the word Actions).
  5. In the drop-down menu, select one of the following options:
    • To create numerous time slots over a given period of time (for a number of students/whole class), select Add repeated slots.
    • To create a single time slot for one student (or a small number of students), select Add single slot. See the specific instructions for each of these two options below.

Adding repeated slots

Use the Add Repeated slots option if you wish to provide your students with multiple appointment time slots and/or if you wish to meet with a large number of students. Once you have selected Add repeated slots, you can configure the following settings:

  1. Date – Select the date for the first scheduled appointment.
  2. Repeat time slots until – To specify an end-date after which no additional appointments may be made, click on the button beside “Enable” and select the appropriate date in the drop-down menus.
  3. Add appointments on – Choose the days of the week in which students may book appointments.
  4. Start time and end time – Allow(s) you to select the time of day you are available for appointments.
  5. Divide into slots – cuLearn will take your start and end times and divide it into available time slots if this option is selected (the default for this setting is “Yes”).
  6. Duration – Length of time available for each appointment.
  7. Break between slots – The default for this setting is 0.
  8. Force when overlap – This setting determines how new slots will be handled if they overlap with other, already existing slots.
  9. Allow multiple students per slot – Allows you to permit students to meet with you in groups/pairs or alone.
  10. Email reminder – You can choose to send out a reminder email to your students.
  11. When you are finished configuring your settings, click Save changes.
    NOTE: Students will now be able to sign up for an appointment time slot with you.

Adding single slots

Use the Single slot option if you wish to meet a few students and/or offer only a few appointment time slots.
Click to enlarge. Once you have selected Add single slots, you can configure the following settings:

  1. Date – Select the date for the scheduled appointment.
  2. Duration –  Length of time available for each appointment.
  3. Allow multiple students per slot – Allows you to permit students to meet with you in groups/pairs or alone.
  4. Display appointments to students from – Date in which you allow students to see the appointment schedule.
  5. Email a reminder on – If you wish to send a reminder email to your student(s) about their scheduled appointment, you can Enable this setting and specify the date in which you would like cuLearn to send the reminder email.
  6. Appointment 1 – Select the name of the student you wish to meet with, from the drop-down menu.  If you would like students to sign up for their own appointments, DO NOT select a student name from the drop-down menu. cuLearn provides a text box for any comments or notes you may need to take during the appointment.
  7. Add another student – If you would like to add another student to this time slot, clock on the Add another student button and select their name from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Save changes.
    NOTE: Repeat the above procedure until you have enough time slots for each student with whom you wish to meet. 

Making Changes to Your Scheduler Activity

Once you’ve completed your Scheduler activity setup, cuLearn will direct you to My Appointments tab where you can edit an appointment or time slot, delete a time slot, send an invitation or reminder email, or schedule a student appointment.  You will also be automatically directed to the My appointments tab when you click on the Scheduler link on your main course page.

Editing an Appointment or Time Slot 

  • If you would like to edit a given appointment or change a time slot from an individual slot to a group slot (or vice versa), you may do so by clicking the gear icon under the Actions column (see image below).  

Deleting a Time slot

  • To delete time slots, click on the Delete slots drop-down menu (in blue letters above the list of your appointments).  You have the option to “Delete selected slots”, “Delete my unused slots”, or “Delete all my slots”.  Alternatively, you can select an single slot, then click the trash can icon under the Action columns (see image below).

Sending an Invitation or Reminder Email

  • Click Send invitation or Send reminder to send an email invitation/reminder to students from within cuLearn.
TIP: Once you have completed an appointment with a student, you can mark them as “Seen” by selecting Mark as Seen now in the Scheduler drop-down menu under the Actions column.

Scheduling a student appointment

  • If there are some students in your course who do not have an appointment scheduled, you can schedule an appointment under Schedule by student. Click the Schedule drop-down menu to the right of their name, then select Schedule in slot.

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