1. Setting up your Gradebook
  2. Viewing your Gradebook
  3. Entering Grades
    1. Grading cuLearn Assessments
    2. Grading Non-cuLearn Assessments
  4. Submitting Final Grades to E-grades
  5. Gradebook FAQ
  6. Gradebook Support Resources

Your gradebook (Grader Report) is a cuLearn tool for viewing, managing, and releasing student grades. All cuLearn courses come with a built-in gradebook that you can customize to display your course grading information.

From your gradebook you can:

  • Enter, view, and release student grades
  • Hide/Unhide student grades
  • Create categories to organize your grade items
  • Import grades from an Excel spreadsheet (CSV) file
  • Export grades to an Excel spreadsheet

→How do I access the gradebook?

→How do I navigate the gradebook?

Setting up your Gradebook

You can set up the categorization, aggregation, and arrangement of your grade items in the Setup section of your gradebook.

Gradebook Setup Guide

Viewing your Gradebook

When you first open your gradebook, you are automatically taken to the View Tab where you can access multiple views that will help you manage your gradebook. For an overview of the gradebook tab layout, see Navigating Gradebook.

  • Grader Report –  view the grade items that have been auto-populated or manually added to your gradebook in a table format.
  • User Report – view what students see when they access the gradebook.
  • Single View – view the grades for all students for a single activity, or the grades for a single student for all activities.

Entering Grades

Grading cuLearn Assessments

When you add a graded cuLearn activity to your course, such as an assignment, quiz, or forum, a grade item (column) is automatically added to your Grader Report. cuLearn assessments are graded within the activity, and the grades are automatically populated into the gradebook.

Grading Non-cuLearn Assessments

For assessments that are not linked to a cuLearn activity, such as an offline midterm, you first need to add the grade item manually, then enter the grades in the grader report or import the grades from an excel spreadsheet.

Submitting Final Grades to E-grades

See Submitting Grades to E-grades for instructions. For help with E-grades, please visit the help file on the E-grades page or contact Systems and Training Support: Faculty_Systems_Support@carleton.ca; tel: (613) 796-3450.

Gradebook FAQ

Gradebook Support Resources

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