Instructors can use the Assignment activity in cuLearn to receive online or offline assignment submissions from students.

  • Online Assignments allow students to submit any digital files through the cuLearn system. File types can include word-processed documents, pdfs, spreadsheets, images, or audio and video clips.  Check with your instructor or the assignment instructions to find out the preferred file type for submission.  In addition to, or instead of submitting a file, the instructor may require you to submit typed text  directly using the text editor inside of cuLearn to submit your assignment.
  • Offline Assignments require students to hand in a hard copy (paper version) of the assignment in person to the instructor.  No digital file submissions are possible in this case. Your instructor may provide you with grades/feedback on the assignment within cuLearn if they have chosen this option.

Submitting a Digital File

To submit an Online Assignment in cuLearn: Submit Assignment

  1. Click on the Assignment in cuLearn
  2. Click on the Add submission button.  (See image.)
  3. Upload your document to the File submission box

    make sure the file finishes downloading before clicking Save changes
  4. Verify that the work you are submitting is your own by checking the box beside the verification statement: “This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people.” (See image)
    Verify_My Work
  5. If required by your instructor:  Click the Submit Assignment button.NOTE: If your instructor has required you to click the submit assignment button, and you do not click the Submit Assignment button, your assignment will remain in draft form
  6. Click Save changes

Submitting Typed Text Using the Text Editor

Your instructor may allow you to type your assignment directly into the text editing window, in addition to, or rather than submitting a file.  To submit an assignment using the text editor:

  1. Click on the Assignment.  Read any instructions your professor has provided, and note the dates specified for the assignment
  2. Click Add Submission
  3. Type your assignment text directly into the text editor window.
  4. Verify that the work you are submitting is your own by checking the box beside the verification statement: “This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people.
  5. Click Save Changes when you are ready to submit

Submitting a cuPortfolio Page or Collection

Visit the cuPortfolio support page for instructions on how to submit a portfolio via cuLearn


You may be required to write an online Quiz in cuLearn.  Make sure you know how to locate the Quiz on your cuLearn course page.  If you are unsure where to find the quiz, ask your instructor.

Often instructors will hide the Quiz until you are permitted to start writing; if this is the case, your Quiz will be revealed on your course page when the specified time and date have been reached.  When the Quiz is ‘open’, click on the name of the Quiz to access it.  Follow the specific instructions your instructor has provided.

If your instructor has set a time limit, you will find a clock in the upper left corner of the Quiz activity–be mindful of the time as you proceed through the Quiz.

Grade book

Your instructor may or may not use the grade book in cuLearn to display your grades.  Instructors usually indicate how they will present your grades to you.  If you are unsure how you will receive grades, feel free to ask your instructor.

To access grades posted in cuLearn grade book:

  1. Click on the triangle beside Course Administration
  2. Click on Grades.  If your grades have been made available by your instructor, they will be displayed.

Screen capture of the Administration block, with the Grades link in blue

Why Can’t I See My Grades?

If many of your grades are displayed in the gradebook, but a specific grade item is not visible, your instructor may have hidden that grade until all student marks are ready to be released.

Not all instructors choose to use the grade book to display student marks.  If there are no grades at all, your instructor may have chosen a different way to release your grades to you.