BigBlueButton is a synchronous learning tool that allows instructors and TAs to host live online classes, office hours or other meetings within their cuLearn course.

Its features include:

  • a private room with audio, video, presentation and whiteboard capabilities allowing students to be fully engaged in the online environment
  • user authentication so each course can have its own private and secure room accessible from within the course
  • a recording feature that allows online courses to be automatically recorded and posted in cuLearn

Below is an introductory video that goes over some of the basics of using BigBlueButton as a student:

For more support please visit the BigBlueButton Support Site.

If your instructor has setup a BigBlueButton session room for your course, you will be able to access it from your cuLearn course page.

To access BigBlueButton:

  1. Login to cuLearn and click on your course link.
  2. On the course homepage, locate the BigBlueButton session link under a topic/week section (See example of a BBB session link below).                                                                                                          
  3. Click on the BigBlueButton session link.
  4. Click Join Session to enter the BBB session room.     NOTE: If you do not see the “Join Session” button, your instructor may have set the session to be available during a specific time frame.  You can confirm the Session availability dates with your instructor.                                                              

Once you join the session you will automatically enter the BBB session room in a new window. Refer to the above video tutorial for an overview of what you will see when you enter the session and your capabilities as a viewer.

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