1. Getting Started with BigBlueButton
  2. BigBlueButton Technical Requirements
  3. Joining a BigBlueButton Session in cuLearn
  4. BBB TroubleShooting

BigBlueButton (BBB) is a web conferencing tool that allows instructors, TAs, and students to meet in live, synchronous meetings. BBB allows users to share their audio, screens (if enabled) and webcams (limited to 5 at a time), and includes features, such as a shared chat, shared notes, collaborative white boards, and break out rooms. Often BBB is used for hosting Office Hours, meetings, or to allow for live class presentations, or smaller group work. If your instructor has setup a BigBlueButton session room for your course, you will be able to access it from your cuLearn course page.

Getting Started with BigBlueButton

  1. Review the BigBlueButton Technical Requirements
  2. Join a BigBlueButtonSession in cuLearn

Below is an introductory video that goes over some of the basics of using BigBlueButton as a student:

BigBlueButton Technical Requirements

  1. Access BBB on one of these recommended web browsers:  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium version). All other browsers have limited BBB functionality, if they work with BBB at all.
  2. Connect your wired headset/mic prior to joining the BBB session.  Using a wired headset helps ensure you have good audio.
  3. Ensure your browsers are up to date prior to your BBB session.  Here are links to instructions on how to manually check for updates for each browser.
    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox
    3. MS Edge
  4. Verify your technical requirements and that your Operating System is up to date.  See BBB’s list of system requirements.
  5. Connect to the internet via an ethernet cable, rather than Wifi if possible.  Ethernet is more reliable and stable, especially for sharing Webcams and Screensharing.
  6. Check your internet speed to see whether it meets the minimum requirements listed on BBB’s system requirements page: Check your connection speed here

Joining a BigBlueButton Session in cuLearn

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. On the course homepage, locate the BigBlueButton session link under a topic/week section (See example of a BBB session link below).                                                                                                          
  4. Click on the BigBlueButton session link.
  5. Click Join Session to enter the BBB session room.                                                                
    NOTE: If you do not see the “Join Session” button, your instructor may have set the session to be available during a specific time frame.  You can confirm the Session availability dates with your instructor.
  6. Choose whether to participate by using a microphone or listen only.  If you will be speaking in the session, select microphone.                                                          
  7. If you select microphone, you will be prompted to allow blindsidenetworks.com access to your microphone. Click allow.
  8. Click Yes if the audio test has been successful (i.e. you were able to hear yourself speak through the headset speakers).   Click No If your audio test was not successful.
    NOTE: Click No if you have more than one microphone and BBB is using the wrong one.  A new menu will appear and you can select the correct microphone from the drop-down menu.  You can then re-attempt the audio test.

Refer to the above video tutorial for an overview of what you will see when you enter the session and your capabilities as a viewer. For further support, refer to the BBB resources below for instructions on sharing webcams, joining breakout rooms, and more.

See the BigBlueButton support site for further instructions

For more assistance with your computer’s settings and device support, (e.g., browser privacy settings, etc), please reach out to ITS Student Support

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