Chat rooms facilitate real-time discussions within a cuLearn course page. Only instructors or TAs can create chat sessions for students. A chat room can have just one session, or multiple sessions that repeat on the same day/time each week. A course can also have multiple chat rooms set for various days/times during the week. The days/times set for each chat session are automatically entered into the course calendar as a reminder for students. If no time is specified, the chat room will always be open to students.

Entering a Chat Room

  1. Click on the Chat Room link on your course page.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Click here to enter the chat now
    • Use more accessible interface
    • View past chat sessions
    • NOTE: The chat room lists all participants and how long they have been idle in the chat room.
  3. Type your chat message and click Send.
    • NOTE: Chat sessions are automatically saved and can be viewed at a later time. Your message will be broadcast to all chat room participants.

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