Chat rooms allow participants to have a real-time text-based discussion on the cuLearn course page. Only the instructor or TA can create a chat room for the students to use in the course. A chat room may have only one session or multiple ones that repeat at the same time and day each week. A course may have more than one chat rooms set for different times and days of the week. Times set by the instructor for each chat room create entries in the course calendar to remind participants to log in for group chat at those times. Otherwise, the chat room always remains open to students. To enter a chat room:

  1. Click on the Chat room bubble. Chat
  2. Select any one of these options to enter the Chat room:
    1. Click here to enter the chat now. This gives you two Themes to choose from, Bubble orĀ Compact
    2. Use more accessible interface
  3. The chat room list all participants and how long they have been idle in the chat room.
  4. Type in your chat messages and press Send.
  5. Your message will be broadcast to everyone in the chat room.
  6. Chat sessions are saved and can be viewed at a later time.