1. To Send an Email in cuLearn Mail:
  2. Role Filter
  3. Potential Sections
  4. Potential Recipients
  5. Adding Attachments 
  6. View History
  7. Additional Email Addresses
  8. Receive a copy
  9. Where can I find cuLearn emails?

The Mail block allows you to email your instructor, TAs, and other students in your cuLearn course. cuLearn emails are automatically sent to the recipient’s Carleton email address. Essentially, the cuLearn Mail block has two functionalities: it can compose/send emails, and display the history of sent emails. The cuLearn Mail block cannot receive emails. cuLearn emails can only be received and accessed through your Carleton email by logging at MyCarleton Portal.

To Send an Email in cuLearn Mail:

  1. Click Compose New Email in the mail block.
  2. Click on a recipient’s name under Potential Recipients.
  3. Click Add to email an individual course member or Add All to email everyone in your course
    • NOTE: All emails are Bcc’d by default: recipients of the same email do not see other students’ email addresses.
  4. Type the email Subject and Message. cuLearn will automatically prefix the Subject with your course short name when delivering the email. This makes it easy for the recipient to identify that the email was sent from your cuLearn course.
  5. Optional: Add file attachments to send to your recipients.
    • NOTE: Any file format can be uploaded, but bigger the file size, the longer it will take for the file to upload.
  6. If you want to Receive a copy of your email in your MyCarletonOne inbox, select that option by checking the ‘Yes’ box below the Message area (indicating you wish to receive a copy).
  7. Click Send Email or click Save Draft to send it at another time.

Role Filter

You may filter the list of recipients by their role in the course.  This is useful if you wanted to email only your TAs, for instance.

Potential Sections

You may choose to email all participants in one or more groups in the course.  To select a group, press the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click on the name of the group who you wish to email.  Continue to hold the Ctrl button in order to add additional groups, then click the Add button.

Potential Recipients

You can narrow down the list of Potential Recipients. Select an individual’s name (or hold Ctrl while clicking individual names to select multiple recipients), then click the Add button.

Adding Attachments 

You can add files by clicking the add button on the Attachments block, then search for the attachment from your device and then click “Upload this file”. You can also upload the file by simply dragging and dropping your file into the “Drag and Drop” box.

View History

This tool lists each email message you’ve sent.

Additional Email Addresses

This tool allows you to email someone outside of the course. You will need to manually type this additional email address.

Receive a copy

When you send an email from cuLearn, by default, a copy of the email is also sent to your Carleton email address.

Where can I find cuLearn emails?

Any time there is an issue with your email account you should contact the ITS service desk ext. 3700 or its.service.desk@carleton.ca.

Emails sent using cuLearn should appear in your official Carleton inbox. The mail tool in cuLearn allows you to send emails to your instructor, TAs or other members of your class.
NOTE:  cuLearn Mail is for sending emails ONLY; you will not receive any emails through this tool.

The most frequent reason for not receiving emails is often because your inbox is full and will not accept any additional emails. In this case you must delete old messages to make space. Some students who have previously been employees may also have a Cunet account which has been known to cause problems with cuLearn mail.

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