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Some of our Graduates

Dr. Joana Pimentel

 Dr. Joana Pimentel, Cultural Mediations Ph.D. (2018), Transcultural Bodies: a Comparative Approach to Dissident ‘Minor’ Women’s Writings in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish (Supervisor: Professor Catherine Khordoc). Joana is Visiting Professor and Portuguese Program Coordinator of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Sarah Thorne

Dr. Sarah Thorne, Cultural Mediations Ph.D. (2018), The Shape of Games to Come: Critical Digital Storytelling in the Era of Communicative Capitalism (Supervisor: Professor Brian Greenspan). Sarah is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies in the Department of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dr. Pauline Goutain

Dr. Pauline Goutain, Cultural Mediations Ph.D. (2017),The Material Mythologies of Art Brut (1945-1976). Supervisors: Professors Jill Carrick and Fabrice Flahutez (Paris Nanterre). Pauline is currently Assistant Director of the Musée d’Art Roger-Quilliot, a museum of fine arts in Clermont-Ferrand (France). She graduated from the Ecole du Louvre in museology and art history (Paris, France) before completing her PhD in Cultural Mediations in cotutelle with Paris Nanterre (France). Her doctoral thesis demonstrates how the concept of Art Brut and the works it designates call into question post-Second World War taste. Following her doctoral studies, Pauline took a post-doctoral position under the supervision of Professor Jill Carrick, focusing  on the book L’optique moderne (1963) by the lettrist François Dufrêne and the new realist Daniel Spoerri. She is currently preparing a monograph on the Franco-Croatian artist Slavko Kopac (1913-1995), Jean Dubuffet’s right-hand man and first curator of the Art Brut collection. She will be curating the exhibition Sur les pas de Jean Dubuffet en Auvergne at the Musée d’Art Roger Quilliot (June 29 – October 30, 2022, Clermont-Ferrand).

Dr. Owen Lyons

Dr. Owen Lyons, Cultural mediations Ph.D. (2015), An Inverted Reflection: Representations of Finance and Speculation in Weimar Cinema (Supervisors: Professors Barbara Gabriel and Mitchell Frank). Owen is an Assistant Professor at the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. He works at the intersection of media archaeology, documentary, digital media, and critical theory. His forthcoming book (Amsterdam University Press) examines representations of finance during the Weimar Republic and the intersection of the emergence of the world economy with concepts of modernity, nation, gender and technology. His current research projects include Liquid Screens: The Media Landscape of Financial Markets (which addresses the visual culture of 21st-century financial markets and their reflection in digital media) and an examination of the application of artificial intelligence to cinema entitled Machine Learning and the Moving Image.

Dr. Tom Everrett

Dr. Tom Everrett, Cultural Mediations Ph.D. (2014), Ears Wide Shut: Headphones and Moral Design (1920-present). Supervisor: Professor Paul Théberge. Tom is Curator of Communications Technology, Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, in Ottawa. He is also Adjunct Professor  (Curatorial Studies) with ICSLAC.