Examination and Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation of course work will normally be based upon written papers, oral presentations, and other forms of examination as determined by the individual instructor. The PhD in Cultural Mediations is governed by the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. One of these requirements is that graduate students maintain a grade of not less than B- in all courses. Failure to do so can result in withdrawal from the program.

Comprehensive Examinations

Students are required to pass two written comprehensive examinations. Each comprehensive has a 1.0 credit value.

  • The first comprehensive will be a general examination of the broad range of cultural theory of the twentieth-century
  • The second comprehensive will be a discipline specific examination from one of the following four areas of specialisation chosen by the student.
    • Literary Studies
    • Visual Culture
    • Musical Culture
    • Technology and Culture


All students are required to complete a thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree offered by the program. The thesis must be defended at an oral examination.