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Academic Year 2020-2021

CLMD 6903W/SOCI 5806Y: Rethinking Secrecy

Instructor: William Walters

It is often said that secrecy is power. What does that mean? This course examines power, subjectivity, and society from the perspective of secrecy. It surveys new perspectives on secrecy which have emerged in the last two decades, along with allied concerns like conspiracy, silence, invisibility and revelation. The course draws on sociology as well as political theory, geography, history, anthropology and law to offer students an interdisciplinary engagement with these important themes. The course is context and empirically oriented in its engagement with the covert. Rather than a general theory of secrecy we will develop ideas and theories in concrete cases, social situations and various media. Hence, cases and examples are important for the course. Students will be encouraged to utilize theoretical tools and concepts from the course in undertaking their own case-based research projects.

Method of delivery: Depending on the public health situation, this course may be delivered online. If so it will take a blended format combining regular synchronous (“live”) meetings (60-90 mins) with asynchronous elements such as short recorded lectures, student presentations, and forum posting.

CLMD 6105B/FILM 5107W with Aboubakar Sanogo
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