Do you know an outstanding educator at Carleton who you can’t stop raving about? Have any professors, librarians or learning support staff goneĀ above and beyond this term to make a significant impact on your experience at Carleton? Let them know that they’re doing a great job by sending them a Raving Raven!

Just visit and fill out the form. The person you’ve chosen to recognize will receive an email with your feedback.

If you have any questions about the Raving Ravens, please contact Teaching and Learning Services at, 613-520-4433.

1 thought on “Recognize outstanding Carleton educators with a Raving Raven”

  1. Sascha Harvey says:

    Professor Martin Geiger, with the Department of Political Science, is an outstanding instructor. His class is both interactive and informative, he goes out of his way to notify students about academic opportunities, and he offers quick feedback at course work. Not knowing anything about the topic beforehand, I had an excellent experience taking his class.

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