By Radiyah Chowdhury

It’s difficult to stay on top of life when it’s filled with different classes, assignments and due dates. Even if we remember to carry an agenda around with us, very often we forget to check it. That’s why student planning apps are so great — all of us have our phones with us most of the time and the apps themselves remind us of all the things we’d otherwise forget. Here are three apps that are guaranteed to help you stay on track.

  1. myHomework (iOS & Android) (free basic with ads, upgrade available)


The name is fairly self-explanatory, but this app really helps you stay on top of your homework by allowing you to add each of your individual classes and assign them a colour. After that, you add your assignments as you go. It also offers the ability to repeat assignments (in case you have weekly readings), mark them as priority, and designate them according to what type of assignment they are. The only issue with the app is that they have presets for class times, so any sporadic timetables might be difficult to input.

  1. Google Keep (iOS & Android) (free)

google-keepOriginally designed for Android users, this app is now available on iOS. It’s a pin-board style app that allows you to jot things down quickly and easily. Along with writing notes both by hand and by text, it also allows you to make to-do lists, take photos and record voice notes that transcribe after you save. If you’re someone who’s constantly ripping pieces of paper to make notes or taking pictures of important bits of information because you don’t have time to write them down, this app is perfect because it saves it all on the pin-board for easy and clean accessibility. It also syncs to your Google calendar, which makes it all the more convenient.

  1. My Study Life (iOS & Android) (free)


This one is very similar to myHomework but perhaps more comprehensive. It also replaces paper planners by keeping track of your workload across many platforms and devices – and stores all of it in the cloud. It’s particularly good for reminding you about upcoming tasks and encouraging you to get them done. And to top it all off, it has a cool feature that allows you to mark your progress as you go along.

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