By Bianca Chan

One of the single most important apps to have for the first weeks of school is the Carleton Mobile app. I kid you not. If you’re ever that person who forgets what room number and time their next class is or who needs to check cuLearn for a course outline and reading list, you’ll soon understand the relief of having the CU Mobile app.

The app is broken down into four main pages: Home, Campus, Academics and Safety. Within each page are sub-pages. For instance, within Academics, there is the option to launch cuLearn, see your weekly class schedule, or view your class details (course codes, class times, etc.) by term. This is a very handy app to have while you’re still getting back into the groove of school and getting used to your class schedule.

And this is where the Carleton app really shines: having quick access to your class list, a history of your grades, a list of exam times and locations, the ability to search the library databases and convenient access to your student accounts. For an overwhelmed student in the first weeks of school, having a reliable, secure app where you have access to these essentials in the palm of your hand is a must. Plus, it’s free.

If you’re ever on campus, another noteworthy feature is the Campus page, which has information about your campus card, transit lines, dining and student services, and a map of the sometimes-very-confusing campus.

If it’s your first year at Carleton…welcome! There is also a helpful feature called CU Start, which is a welcome page designed to help new students through this next chapter in their lives. It includes tips and a list of to-dos for all newcomers, covering elements such as financial aspects, academic life and registration.

The Safety page, a very important page to access when you’re in a crunch, covers all things from reporting suspicious activity, to safety programs, safety contacts and emergency procedures.

And finally, the Home page, where you can read recent campus news and mark your calendar for upcoming events and important school dates.

If you are open to advice from a veteran raven like myself, take the 30 seconds it takes to download the Carleton app. Your future (possibly stressed out, possibly in-a-pinch) self will thank you and me for it.