Balancing schoolwork, extracurriculars and the myriad responsibilities of adulthood can make student life feel like a perpetual race against time. As you strive for success, keep in mind that your smartphone can help you manage the pace of university. We’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 apps that can improve your performance within and beyond the classroom.

1) Sleep Cycle

 A good night’s sleep is a crucial element of student success.  This alarm clock app tracks your sleeping habits and then gradually wakes you during lighter phases of sleep. The app thus mimics the process of waking up naturally, which helps you awaken feeling rested and ale

2) Wunderlist

 This app is a virtual agenda where you can list and easily organize pending tasks. You can separate to-do lists into categories, such as personal, professional and academic.

 3) Focus Keeper (IOS only)

 Set aside your conventional stopwatch and download this app instead. Focus Keeper is a timer that divides your study sessions into 25-minute chunks with short breaks. The app also offers insightful data to keep track of your productivity.  Don’t have an apple product?  Look for “pomodoro” apps on your chosen platform.

 4) Waterlogged (iTunes, Google Play)

 Use this app to track your water consumption over time and receive reminders to drink water at regular intervals. Staying hydrated will boost your concentration during class.

5) Google Drive

 Google Drive is a virtual storage space that backs up your files online. You can use the app to save documents, photos, and other files and access them easily from your smartphone or laptop.

 6) Fitstar Personal Trainer

 With the fall semester in full swing, it can be difficult to set aside time to work out – let alone remember to exercise. This is where Fitstar Personal Trainer comes in handy. The easy-to-use app keeps track of your fitness journey and offers encouragement to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Simply enter some data on your weight and fitness goals, and allow the app to design a fitness plan that works best for you.

 7) Headspace

 Headspace is a guided mediation app that takes you on virtual journeys to improve mindfulness and ease stress. The app features daily meditation exercises that are short enough to squeeze into busy schedules.

 8) Just Routine

Eating well will help you gain strength and endurance to conquer your classwork. Just Routine is an app that simplifies this task by tracking your diet and providing updates on your progress toward healthier eating habits.

 9) Sleep Well Hypnosis (iTunes, Google Play)

While sleep deprivation is a common struggle among some students, others have difficulty falling asleep. Sleep Well Hypnosis is an app that features guided audio sessions designed to lull listeners to sleep. The app also includes a playlist of natural background sounds you can play during study sessions.

 10) Office Lens (iTunes, Google Play)

 This app is a makeshift scanner that converts your photos into editable documents. You can save these “scanned” documents in Microsoft Word, PDF or PowerPoint form.

By Maha Ansari