The days of library hours and late-night visits to Starbucks are over. The nights of staying in and tucking your nose, once more, into the pages of your textbook are no more. You can put down that pen, that notebook and your reading glasses because you just finished your last exam and you deserve one heck of a break. At least for now.

Womand running outside on snowy day with happy feet and jazz hands

Celebrate the end of term with CUOL and check off these fun to-do’s (finally, a fun to-do list) until your heart’s content.

  1. Venture outside

Because you and I both know your lungs haven’t had a breath of fresh air since November.

  1. Have a little (or big) get together

Enjoy this precious time with your friends who have also crossed that finish line. Maybe even ask those who haven’t yet to come by for a study break.

  1. Curl up with your favourite Netflix show and a cup of hot cocoa

Optional: add a swig of Baileys, if you’re of age of course! If not, pop in a few marshmallows, same difference.

  1. Have a last supper with your roommates

Now that you finally have time to cook (or order in pizza), enjoy this stress-free time with your roommates, family or pet. Make it a potluck and get everyone involved! You may find yourself having a sophisticatedly good time.

  1. Visit your friends at other schools

Remember when you told your hometown friends you’d visit in September? Well now you actually have the time to do so. Celebrate and spread the love!

  1. Go outside and have a little adventure

Take advantage of where you live! Have snow? Go tobogganing and follow it with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Green and crisp? Have yourself a hike, breathe in that tonic, cool air and remember to pack some snacks and layers. Live near the sea? Bundle up for a walk on the blissfully empty beach. Live somewhere warm? Share your photos with us and make us all jealous!

  1. Sleep

We both know you haven’t gotten a lot of shut-eye over the past weeks. Give yourself the break of all breaks and take a nap or go to sleep without that pesky alarm.

  1. Finally open that not-for-school book you bought a month ago

Call me crazy but some people actually enjoy reading, especially if you don’t have to take notes and be tested on it later. Crack open that book you bought a while back. The one you bought when you thought you had enough time to read it but you really didn’t? Yeah, that one.

  1. Start exercising again

With all that sitting and slouching you’ve been doing, getting your muscles and body active again is a good move. Start off easy if you’ve had a little gym-hiatus.

  1. Don’t think about school again, at least until Boxing Day

Embrace this break because you deserve it. That being said, don’t forget that winter semester is around the corner!

Happy holidays from CUOL.

By Bianca Chan

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