Career services at Carleton has lots of information to help students in their career path.  It’s not just practical tips on essentials like interviews and creating CVs and cover letters.  Career Services can help you discover more about how to use your degree to find a profession you love. It might not be what you think! Many students undervalue the skills they develop while taking a degree program, or don’t consider all the directions those skills can take them.

For those online students who are not close to campus, there are a lot of services available online.

  • They have a live chat
  • They offer tips and templates to help you with resumes, CVS and cover letters.
  • There are resources to help you prepare for interviews, including an online mock interview using Interview Stream that can be done anytime, anywhere. It is shareable so you can send your interview to others for feedback!  Career Services also offer mock interviews over the phone or via skype for those who can’t make it in person.

image showing different means of trial interviews as described above

There is an online resource called Your Degree, Your Future that you can customize to your specific program.  It will help you recognize your skills and your possibilities, show you what graduates from the program are doing, and advise you about next steps.  Take some time to explore it – there’s a lot there and it is well worth it. The below example shows specific jobs that alumni of the psychology program are doing, and there is a lot of variety!

image showing list of jobs alumni from psychology are doing. National Monitoring Center Officer in Federal Government Material Management Systems Coordinator in Federal Government Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor in Mental Health Services Risk Management Analysis in Healthcare Assistant to Forensic Psychologist in Policing and Corrections Developmental Service Worker in Non-Profit Immigration Consultant in Immigration Agency Senior Research Analyst in Global Information and Measurement Organization

Don’t wait to explore your possibilities.  Even if you are part-time for now, only taking a few courses or just starting first year, it is not too soon to start using these resources.  The more you know now about the direction you want to go, the more you can tailor your courses, temporary jobs, volunteer work and even clubs or hobbies towards that goal.