All staff and students at Carleton get access to for free and it’s a fantastic resource for online learners, with loads of courses and learning paths in all sorts of fields.  But sometimes there’s no time or head-space for a full course.

Monday Productivity Pointers is a great series of short videos on a range of topics. Some examples are making a quick video with the photo app in Windows 10, using the phonetic alphabet to spell over the phone (and why it’s more effective), muting keywords on twitter, sharing large files, removing geotags from photos – the list goes on and on. Want to hide offensive comments on your Instagram account? There’s a tip for that.

There are lots more courses on and the time commitment can be whatever you choose. Lynda courses can be downloaded, so you can even treat them like a podcast. Take them with you on a commute, as you are working out, or as you are cooking dinner!

'Learn with Lynda' - more about the opportunities in

To get to, go to the Carleton University Lynda login portal and sign in with your MyCarleton username and password.