Culture – it is the world around us and what we do within it. It is the past, the present and the future, and it is arguably what makes you, you. Because the world is changing every day, and at such a rapid pace, the power of culture and the value of keeping up with it is significant.

Culture has been said to define our evolutionary identity. It plays a role in how we communicate with one another; it is the invisible bond that ties people together. The art, literature and language of a community make up a vital part of our everyday conversations. Food is the vehicle in which we share our heritage and, for many, how we show our love.

So when we say culture is important, we really mean it. Here is a list of the apps that will help you to be a little more cultured, a lot more insightful, and just plain interesting.

  1. For the art lovers: Google Arts and Culture

This app has got to be the most in-depth, all encompassing art exploration app ever made. Want to look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night up close? Want to know which famous piece of art you look like most? Want the ultimate art reference database? This is the app for you. Android  IOS

The Starry Night, VIncent van Gogh

  1. For up-to-date gallery coverage: Artsy

In addition to offering over 250,000 artworks, this app also provides comprehensive coverage of exhibitions, shows and fairs around the world. You can discover, fall in love with, and buy works straight from your phone. IOS

  1. For those who can’t travel to Paris: Musée de Louvre

This is the official app of one of the world’s most famous art museums. Now, you can browse hundreds of works of art – in high resolution – and learn about them from some of experts in the field. Android IOS

  1. For the aspiring artist: Art Set

For anyone who has ever been inspired to create some art themselves, this comprehensive set of art tools has nearly everything you could ever need. With paints, pastels, multiple blending tools, pencils and pens, and metallic and fluorescent colours, it is the one-app-stop every budding artist needs. IOS $2.99, Pro is $9.99 and Art Set Pocket for iPhone is $1.39).  Android?  Try Artrage (free for basic version, $6.99 for full)

  1. For the musicians: Pitchfork

Pitchfork is the online music magazine of every musician’s dream. With a devout following, the Chicago-based magazine developed a reputation for its extensive coverage of independent music. Since its inception in 1995, it has expanded to a variety of music, from pop to rock. Its music reviews are expertly written and its lists and guides will introduce you to your next favourite artist. There’s a reason why it’s the most trusted name in music.

  1. For the bookworms: Goodreads

Think people don’t like to read books anymore? You could not be more wrong! Goodreads is your online database of books, reviews and personalized recommendations. The best part of the app is following what your friends are reading, what they like, and more importantly, what they didn’t like. It is time to invest in your digital bookcase. Android IOS

  1. For the poets: Poetry

Gray’s Elegy

This app offers a database of thousands of classic and contemporary poems, organized by theme and mood. You can search forgotten favourites by memorable lines and shake your phone to discover new poems to fit whatever mood you are in.

Android IOS

  1. For the foodies: Tastemade

Search for recipes, watch videos to get inspired for tonight’s dinner, find healthy alternatives for your favourite dishes – the possibilities are seemingly endless on this app. It also incorporates travel and dynamic videos that feature foods from around the world. Android IOS

  1. For the DIY-ers: Pinterest

Pinterest is every DIY person’s dream. Crafts, furniture projects, style inspiration, hairstyles, clothing ideas – it is an app that is designed to help you discover and do what you love. If you need inspiration for your next dinner party, your room renovations, a costume for Halloween, or literally anything else, Pinterest is your answer. Android IOS

  1. For the globetrotter: Trover

Travel is just as much a part of culture as food, literature and art are. This app will satiate all your wanderlust hopes and dreams. Scrolling through the app, you are sure to find thousands of photos from all over the world that will make you want to empty your bank account and jet around the world. When you decide on a place, all the photos are geo-tagged so you know exactly where to go. Android IOS

Fontaine de Vaucluse, France

By Bianca Chan

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