Between seeking employment, meeting payment deadlines, and striving for academic excellence, student life can grow overwhelming without adequate support. For Carleton students, however, there’s no shortage of tools to help them succeed. The university website is replete with resources for navigating academic matters, mental health, and more. Whether you’re a short walk from campus or living abroad, the following pages will help you sail through student life with confidence and ease.

(1) Carleton University OnLine’s “Getting Started” page

The “Getting Started” page provides information on accessing CUOL courses, arranging to write off-campus exams, and more. Users can watch a useful overview video to learn how to make the most of their virtual learning experience.

(2) The Centre for Student Academic Support’s “Online Support” website

From online workshops to virtual subject coaching, this page features links and information on various academic support services available through the university’s Centre for Student Academic Support.

(3) The Well-Being Resources page

Students looking to boost their mental and physical health can explore the resources on this page. Listed resources include on-campus counselling services as well as options available in the broader community.

(4) The Student Registration Assistance page

From course selection to resolving timetable conflicts, this page is a one-stop shop for all information related to registration.

(5) Career Services’ website

This trove of resources includes a calendar of networking events, advice on finding employment, and other career-oriented information.

(6) The Departmental Advisors page

If you’ve ever wondered whom to contact with a question related to a particular department at Carleton, look no further than Carleton’s alphabetical list of departmental advisors. This page provides the names and contact information for directors and other key employees in each department.

(7) MacOdrum Library’s Subject Guides

Each subject guide listed on this page contains a comprehensive list of contacts and resources pertaining to a subject area. These guides are particularly useful for research-based assignments.

(8) Carleton’s Finances page

The resources the university website are not limited to the academic realm. Carleton’s Finances page contains tips and articles on successfully managing one’s finances. Noteworthy features include a budget calculator and information on financial literacy workshops.

(9) Exam FAQ for Students

Reviewing material on the Exam FAQ page can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises on the morning of an exam. The page answers common questions pertaining to exams and provides general, exam-related information. If you are writing a CUOL exam at a distance, go to the CUOL examination page and Rules and Regulations page for the information you need.

(10) The Dates and Deadlines page

Arguably the most important resource on the university website, this page indicates key dates throughout the year, including the deadline to pay tuition fees and the last day to submit applications for graduation.

By Maha Ansari

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