As an online student, as I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s really handy to have a consistent place where you can focus on school and go into work-mode. For some, it’s the café down the street, and for others it’s the library in your neighbourhood. Sometimes it’s even the kitchen table. Wherever you’re going, you want to make sure you have a complete arsenal of academic gizmos and gadgets.

Following this list, or at least keeping these items in the back of your head the next time you’re packing your backpack, may save you an extra trip back home to retrieve something that you forgot. Because that is just the worst.

  1. Computer charger

This one has gotten us all, I’m sure. A dead laptop is a useless laptop, so make sure you remember to pack this one. You really don’t need the added stress of trying to get through your work under the clock of a laptop on low battery.

  1. USB stick

Carrying your USB around with you is a good idea – especially for online students. Your entire workload is on the computer; don’t risk losing your important documents, like your term essay or semester’s notes. Plus, they’re cheap (most are under $10 dollars) and they’re compact – there’s no reason not to.

  1. Extra paper/notebook

Depending on how you work, bringing extra paper or a notebook can be useful, say, when you’re jotting down notes, figuring out the layout of an essay, or writing out a quick equation.

  1. Extra writing utensils

Don’t be that person who’s always asking somebody for an extra pen – be the person who’s prepared enough to offer that first person an extra pen!

  1. Agenda

For time management purposes, it’s always a good idea to bring your agenda. To make sure you get your assignments completed on time, planning day-by-day what needs to get done is an effective strategy. It’s one that’s only possible when you have your agenda with you.

  1. Headphones

Wherever you’re working, loud noises and other peoples’ conversations can be extremely distracting. Bring your headphones and plug them in. Put on your favourite classical music album, or if you find music distracting, search up “rain” on YouTube – drowns out all sounds and is very calming too.  Of course, if you are watching your lectures online, you’ll need the headphones for that!

  1. Glasses

This one may be obvious to some, but for those who only wear their glasses sometimes, like for reading or staring at computer screens, it might not be. Be good to your eyes and remember them.

  1. Snack food

Packing a little extra food is always a good idea. Packing a little extra brain food when you’re feeling low energy is an even better idea. Pack something that is easy to eat like an apple, veggies or a sandwich.

  1. Water bottle

We’re supposed to drink two litres of water PER DAY. If you’re doing exercise, make that four litres. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re working the muscles in your head.

  1. A sweater

Sometimes your work space is a little too air conditioned. Or perhaps you end up staying at the library or café way later than you anticipated. Well that’s great, but remember an extra layer for the commute home.

By Bianca Chan

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