Uodate Oct 10 6 pm. Stability restored. All services back to normal.

Update Oct 10 4 pm: VOD is mostly down again. IT from both CUOL and ITS are working on bringing the overloaded interim solution back online as well as fix the original issue. Connection comes in and out but it is not as stable as we want. Still working. Suggestion – if you are able to connect, start watching one and download the next one while you watch!

Update 12:45 pm: All VOD services are fully operational again.  We are back to normal.

Update 11:00 am: VOD streaming is now available. No need to log in. It looks different (all lectures say 00:00 as their timing, added information such as dates are not available, no downloads yet) but it is functional.

We continue to work on the original issue to restore all services.

We are working to resolve a network issue that causes the Video On Demand lecture lists to show as 0, and interrupted the live stream and webcasts.  Updates will be posted here as they come available.

5 thoughts on “Video On Demand, Live Stream and Webcast Channels status”

  1. Emma says:

    I’ve just recently tried to access the log in page and it won’t load. It worked at around 1:30pm today, but it is not working anymore for me.

    1. mariabrocklehurst says:

      We have been having issues and had a workaround in place. The system is down while we do a thorough debug and update to try to resolve this once and for all. Our apologies for this! We hope to have it running again very soon.

    2. mariabrocklehurst says:

      VOD is up at the moment, though we fear the connection is not as stable as we want. I suggest going in now and downloading the lecture you want if possible, or at least start watching it. Once you start the lecture you should be OK to finish even if our connectivity drops.

  2. Arika says:

    Hi, it’s also not working for me. I have 3 midterms this weekend for all my Psychology VOD courses. Please have it working asap! Thanks.

    1. mariabrocklehurst says:

      We do understand that midterms in many courses are coming up this week-end and I promise this is our top priority. We are waiting for an update from a combined team that is on site now.

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