You might think you sweat enough when taking online courses and seeing the timer count down on your online exams, but there are ways you can sweat in front of your screen without feeling the weight of your course requirements – just the weight of your body. Here are five workout apps you can use to give your mind a break and your body a burn in-between your online courses.

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This free android app packs a full range of calisthenics exercise routines – workouts that you only need your body weight for. With workout plans to target every major muscle group, and exercises you can unlock once you’ve completed a set amount of reps and routines, it’s a fun-friendly fitness experience that will get you in tune with how your body is supposed to move (and you’ll be able to do a handstand out of the deal!).


Left your online course to the last minute? Well, you only need four in order to workout with Sworkit – a fitness app available for both iOS and Android. By inputting the type of workout you want and the time you have to workout, the app provides a comprehensive workout solution with videos, exact workout times, and sports scientist-approved exercises.

Pocket Yoga

If you’re after more than a little peace of mind, why not carry it in your pocket? Pocket yoga is an app that’s as flexible as you are (or as flexible as you might become). Without even needing Wi-Fi to get access to a wide collection of poses, you can find any flow to fit your workflow.

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My Fitness Pal

Under Armour’s flagship fitness app packs a premium pairing of a meal planner and calorie counter that will help keep your diet on track based on the fitness goals you input.

You Are Your Own Gym

As the name implies, this app focuses on using body weight to get yourself in gear sans gear. Although it costs $7.15 on the Google Play store and $4.99 on the App Store, the compendium of over 200 body weight exercises, training videos, and workouts ranging from two minutes to 36 minutes, it’s probably worth the cost of that number-two combo with onion rings.

 By Matthew Curtis, Fourth-Year Journalism, Carleton

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