Five ways to make the most of your reading week

By Joseph Tunney

It might be tempting to blow off reading week with non-academic pursuits, but studying and catching up with your classes can set you up well for a less stressful end-of-term. Photo by Freddie Marriage on Unsplash.

So, the fall reading week is almost here and your desk looks more like a scene from Sharknado than an area suitable for work. We’ve all neglected work at one time or another, but it’s time to organize that desk and get back on top of your schooling.

Here are five ways to make the best of your reading week:

1. Make a schedule

What assignments are due when? Which ones will take the most time to complete? Figuring out these answers can be a big step towards actually finishing those assignments. If you know that essay will take three days to research and write, allot enough time for it.

Likewise, expect the unexpected. As smart as we know you are, sometimes the ol’ mind palace doesn’t work like it’s depicted on Sherlock. You need time to figure out what you’re going to say. And you need to make sure that totally-awesome thought you had will lend itself to the task at hand.

Give yourself that extra bit of time to adapt if things don’t go as planned.

2. Catch up on lectures

You’re doing your schooling online. Great! Why not take advantage of what other students can’t? This is a great time to catch up on those online lectures you’ve definitely been meaning to watch. Whether you’ve neglected one lecture or 10, you have time to do some serious binge-watching.

Microwave some popcorn and get lost in the wisdom about to be thrown your way.

3. Meet up with other students

Going to school online doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. If you know any other students taking the same courses, why not invite them to chat over pumpkin-spice lattes? Better yet, why not form a study group? This can be a good time to compare notes. Talk about upcoming assignments and make sure you know what’s expected of you. You might even become better friends!

4. Review where you’re at so far

Remember, it’s not too late to turn a semester around. If you’ve found school has been kicking your butt, you still have time to go on the offensive. Talk to your professors if needed.

5. Relax

We all know school comes with stress. So, make sure to build time into your schedule to relax.

Go see friends, take a walk among the autumn leaves, catch up on sleep, kill some zombies in a video game; whatever you do to recalibrate your brain, do it.

Take the time to recharge because when the week’s over, you’ll need to show what a well-rested you can do. Best of luck!