Winter 2019 is finally over and the summer stretches out in front of you. Maybe this summer you are working, maybe you are lucky enough to be travelling, maybe you are taking courses this summer (it’s a great time for an online course). Maybe you are doing two or even all three at once – there are many possibilities. Even a well-earned rest!

cat sleeping on open laptop

I hope that everyone gets a little breather, at least; some time to do something for themselves. Here’s a suggestion! Remember that all Carleton students get free access to online courses through It has lots of serious and helpful courses and learning paths, such as software, web design, business presentations and more. But there are also some intriguing quick ones like “Creativity for All,” about leveraging your innate creativity (and don’t say you’re not creative – everyone is in their own way). Or “Building Self-Confidence,” with some practical techniques to build and maintain your belief in yourself. How about “Simple Photo Edits on Your Phone” to make the most of those travel pics, even if it’s just in the back yard.

To cap them all off, there is a course with 50 individual tips to become happier. Search for “Happiness Tips” when you are logged in, and away you go! It sounds light-hearted, but there are some helpful and practical suggestions, and each tip is just a few minutes long.

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Go to the Carleton University portal and log in with your MC1 username and password, explore and have fun! For information about syncing a previous account, go to Carleton’s page first.