So you’ve got an online course this summer!  It’s a great time to take a course, but bear in mind that it is compressed so time goes very quickly.

Here are some tips and links to help you stay on top of things.

Plan ahead and stay engaged

The most important piece of advice for online students is to plan and manage time carefully. The courses are flexible, which is great, but it means you have to make sure you keep up with lectures or modules that don’t have fixed times. You also need to make sure you check in frequently on cuLearn so you are up to date and engaged in the course. Participate in the online discussions, make an on-line study group, talk to TAs and Instructors. You will find that extra effort pays off.

Check out Carleton University OnLine’s “Getting Started” page

The “Getting Started” page provides information on accessing CUOL courses, arranging to write off-campus exams, and more. It’s your nuts and bolts, roll up your sleeves, every journey begins with a first step sort of deal. Understand how things work before you start!

The first lectures will be released on Video On Demand just before the weekend for some of the pre-recorded lectures, so you may be able to get a little head start.

Get to know CuLearn

CuLearn is Carleton’s Learning Management System. That’s where your course outline will be, plus due dates, assignments, discussions and more. Start by figuring out deadlines and putting them in your calendar now. Check for required texts and buy or order them. Plan your viewing schedule. Your Instructor’s contact information is there too – why not send an email introducing yourself? If you are taking the course at a distance, let the Instructor know where you are. Instructors are interested in who is taking their classes, and making a connection now makes it that much easier to get help later.

Use MacOdrum Library’s Subject Guides and other resources

Each subject guide listed on this page contains a comprehensive list of contacts and resources pertaining to a subject area. These guides are particularly useful for research-based assignments. There are lots of resources at the Library, and many are online. Explore! If you are out of Ottawa, you can get access to many other libraries through Carleton.

Find help on the Centre for Student Academic Support’s “Online Support” website

From online workshops to virtual subject coaching, this page features links and information on various academic support services available through the university’s Centre for Student Academic Support.

Always be aware of the Dates and Deadlines page

Arguably the most important resource on the university website, this page indicates key dates throughout the year, including the deadline to pay tuition fees and the last day to submit applications for graduation.

Don’t forget the Well-Being Resources page

Students looking to boost their mental and physical health can explore the resources on this page. Listed resources include on-campus counselling services as well as options available in the broader community. Tao Self-Help is also available to students.