Quiz: How do your study habits measure up?

By Kate Schellenberg

Answer the following questions to see if you need to brush up on your studying skills.

You watch your online lectures:

  1. In full, once a week
  2. Every few weeks or so, skipping the boring parts
  3. All at once, the night before the exam

When researching a paper, you:

  1. Head to the library and take out a number of books and meet with a resource assistant for extra help
  2. Read the Wikipedia page about your subject and skim some online articles
  3. Change the topic of your research paper to Harry Potter, cause that’s the last book you read

You have a test coming up in the next week, you:

  1. Spend one hour every night looking over your notes and meeting with classmates to study
  2. Go over the chapters you never got around to reading earlier in the semester
  3. Take up a religion the day before the test and pray

If you answered mostly A’s: Sounds like you have great study skills, way to go!

If you answered mostly B’s: You might need to refine your study habits a bit.

If you answered mostly C’s:  Uh oh, your study habits need to change about as badly as your parents’ Netflix password does. Finding the time to incorporate university studies into your life is more challenging than you might think. Learning to adjust to a new schedule that includes your work, social life and NOW studying can be difficult.

Here are a few tips to make it work.

  • Reward yourself! Did you watch an online lecture? Well, then watch an episode of your favourite TV show. (But don’t binge watch the entire season.)
  • Reward yourself again! Study in a coffee shop and order a fancy drink. Sit in a library with a pretty view. Wear your comfiest clothes while studying. Take away every possible unpleasant thing in your way so you’re just left with studying.
  • Ask for help! Carleton has resources that can help you succeed, like people who can help you plan your schedule, proofread a paper or just commiserate about how hard school can be sometimes.
  • Make studying social! Ask friends to meet for a study session. If they are not in school, tell them to bring a book they have been meaning to read. Make sure to have good snacks and planned conversation breaks to make it a success
  • Incorporate distractions. Staying focused while listening to an online lecture can be tough. Why not make it productive? While you’re listening, do your dishes, knit a scarf or fold your laundry. The great thing about online lectures is if there is something you need to write down you can always pause it!