Do you spend most of your life in transit? Is most of your life shoved into your backpack every morning? Is your phone on the verge of death and there’s just no dang outlets around? Then it’s time to invest in some portable tech. Note – links are examples, not endorsements!

  1. Multi-port Adapter

At least one drawer in my bedroom has been overtaken with wires and adapters. If you don’t want to end up like me, try a multi-port adapter and never worry about needing to find the right cord again.

  1. Bluetooth Headphones

Speaking of not having to worry about wires, bluetooth headphones are the kind of thing you didn’t know you wanted until they’re on your head.

  1. Mini Powerbank

If you’re like me, all of your devices are in a perpetual state of dying. It’s one thing to remember to bring all your cords, but it’s easy to leave with your phone and laptop three-quarters dead. Toss a powerbank in your bag before you leave and you’ll have a source of power in case of emergencies.

  1. Bluetooth Keyboard

If you don’t feel like lugging your laptop around but still need to take a lot of notes quickly, you can get a bluetooth keyboard that can pair with your phone. Some of the models even fold up!

  1. E-Reader

The science is in: staring at screens in unquestionably bad for our health, and we do it all day, every day. E-reader screens are are designed to mimic paper, so it’s easier on the eyes. If you like to read coursework on the bus or on a walk, give your eyes a break by breaking out the e-reader instead of staring at your phone.

  1. Micro SD Card

So you’re taking some photos on your phone and run out of storage. Now you’ve gotta go through and delete your cherished memories. But many newer phones have a micro SD card slot right next to the SIM card slot. Pop a micro SD in there for a ton more storage.

  1. Internet Stick

More specific, but if you don’t have phone data or just want internet on your laptop on the go, you can get portable internet sticks that will give you internet while you work on the bus.

  1. Phone Camera Lens

Entire movies have been shot with people’s smartphones, and camera lens extensions are how they’re done. With them, you can zoom in close, get wide-angle shots and fish-eye.

  1. Filmic Pro

Cameras are expensive. Filmic Pro is not. This app lets you control fine photography details like ISO, separate focus and exposure, and audio levels, turning your phone into a mini DSLR.

  1. Google Lens

What’s this weird fruit called? Google Lens knows. Show Google Lens a WiFi name and password and it will connect to it automatically. Show it a restaurant menu and it will tell you everything about the items on the menu. Honestly, Google might know too much.

by Greg Guevara, Fourth-year Journalism, Carleton

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