Legend says that back in the day, all people had to do to keep up with what was going on in the world was pick up a roll of paper that magically appeared on their doorstep. Those days may be gone, but it’s as important as ever to stay on top of the news. Here are ten online resources to help you stay informed locally and abroad.

  1. The Charlatan

If you’re looking for news that hits close to home, it doesn’t get more local than the Charlatan. This student-run, student-written publication reports on issues that directly affect Carleton students—everything from tuition hikes to CUSA scandals.

  1. Apartment 613

The arts scene in Ottawa is a little more niche than our neighbors in Montreal and Toronto but we’re cool too! Apartment 613 is Ottawa’s biggest arts blog. Look here if you want to know what bands, plays, festivals and restaurants are going on around Ottawa (and, more importantly, which ones are actually good).

  1. The Ottawa Citizen

Probably the best place to get your Ottawa-based news, The Ottawa Citizen has been the place to get Ottawa-based news for the last century and a half.

  1. CBC

If you prefer to consume news audibly, CBC has plenty of great radio programs and podcasts (as well as just a plain ‘ol news site).

  1. Narcity

Narcity is essentially Canadian Buzzfeed. I could say more, but after that sentence you already know if you’ll love it or hate it so I’m just going to move on.

  1. Vice Canada

Vice has set its target demographic squarely on millennials. There’s a lot of interesting and under-reported stories there, though they have no shame in letting their political bent sometimes show.

  1. The Beaverton

Satire news website The Beaverton isn’t going to directly tell you what’s going on, but it’s going to make you laugh while talking about it. If you’re sick of the seriousness of news and want to watch a group of writers mercilessly mock it then the satire at The Beaverton might end up being your favorite way to stay informed.

  1. Maclean’s

If you aren’t into hard news, Maclean’s is a great way to stay informed on broader national issues. Offering more feature-y stories, Maclean’s is one of Canada’s most popular magazines for a reason.

  1. The Globe And Mail

Canada’s most popular newspaper is also online, and you can get a subscription for just $2 a week. But why “support journalism” when we have . . .

  1. Google News

Let’s be real. You know about Google News. Pop news.google.com into your address bar and you’ll be greeted with a personalized news feed (you may ask, “how does Google know enough about me to personalize this feed so well?” Best not to think about it).

From there you can sort through an aggregate of trusted news websites and sort locally, nationally and globally by business, technology, entertainment, sports, science and health.

by Greg Guevara, Fourth-year Journalism, Carleton

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