What’s new with VOD? New features for Fall 2019

By Joseph Tunney

With new featured added to Video On Demand, your online learning has become way easier. Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash.

Wait, what did the professor just say? Were they talking about astronomy or astrology? And at what point during this two-hour lecture did they mention that very specific, one-off remark that I know is going to come back and haunt me on the exam?

These are all common questions from both students in the classroom and those watching lectures online. And unless you’ve been given the powers of Bruce Almighty or the remote from Adam Sandler’s Click, you may need to rewatch that class from the beginning to find what you’re looking for. There goes your Saturday afternoon.

Don’t worry — Carleton University OnLine has your back. We’ve added new features to our VOD lectures to make your life way, way easier.

Search for key words

Students can now easily go back and re-watch specific parts of their lectures with our new search feature. Type in a word and the website will do its best to identify and isolate every time that word shows up in automated transcripts. From here, you’re just a click away from jumping to the correct part of the video.

The point isn’t to streamline learning. Though it may be tempting, students should still listen to the instructor in full the first time through.

Currently, the feature works roughly 60 per cent of the time and can only find exact word matches. The machine transcriptions vary in accuracy from 60 to 95 per cent. If there’s a lot of noise in the background, multiple people talking at once or the professor’s speech was muffled, don’t assume that what you’re looking for wasn’t mentioned. Some manual searching may still be required.

Resume playback

VOD lectures will now remember where you left off in class, even if you don’t. So, if your computer accidentally loses power, or you accidentally close the tab, the lecture should resume playback from where you left off whenever you open the video again.

Leave a rating

Students can now rate video and audio quality out of a five-star rating system. This will help improve the VOD experience for students over time.

Please note that this rating system should not be used to rate the content of the lectures, only the quality of the video.