Tips for continuing to study online

By Kate Schellenberg

Photo by Jacqueline Kelly on Unsplash

As most university students are having to adjust to taking their classes online, CUOL students are already pros. Yet, even if watching lectures on your computer is nothing new, in the wake of COVID-19, you may still find yourself struggling. Here are some tips to get through the semester.

1. Stay Connected

Things are changing all the time, make sure to check your email and the CUOL site for the most recent updates.

2. Keep to your schedule

With the extra free time you have, you might be considering adding a new hobby to your routine. Just make sure your study time remains the same. Trying to pack too much into your schedule can lead to not having enough energy for school.

3. Watch those extra lectures you missed

CUOL has made a free web channel that has lectures from the past three weeks. Take some time and see what you missed.

4. Choose a study spot

Since you will be spending more time at home, choose one area that is just for homework: a comfy chair or a dining room table. Then when you go to that place your brain will associate it with studying.

5. Get in touch with your classmates

Just because we need to be psychically distant right now doesn’t mean we need to be socially apart. Message a classmate or post on the discussion boards and check in with how people are doing. Most people are feeling isolated, reaching out could find you a new study friend (over FaceTime, of course!)

6. Go for a walk

The government of Canada has said that it is ok to go outside for a walk, as long as you stay 2 meters apart (about the length of a couch!). Even if you just walk around the block, fresh air and physical activity is shown to improve mental health.

7. Reach out to your professors

If you are concerned about not meeting a deadline, or have had unexpected events come up, let your professors know. They are also adjusting to a change in their routine and can help with any uncertainties you have.

8. Be patient

This situation is new to everyone. So try to have patience with Carleton and your professors as they adjust to ever-changing information. But most importantly, be patient with yourself. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to get in great shape or write a novel. Stick to getting your work done and keeping yourself mentally well. Be kind to yourself and try and pass that along to others.