1. Video On Demand
  2. Live streams
  3. CUOL Web Channel
  4. CUOL Student Centre
  5. Pay Per Lecture
  6. Web-based courses

CUOL offers a variety of options for watching course lectures, including:

Video On Demand

The “VOD” subscription service ($50 per course, per term, $40 in the summer) allows you to log in through our website and view lectures online at any time. The lectures are normally posted within one business day of the on-campus class and stay available all term.

VOD login


Live streams

Stream lectures live on our website when the class is being recorded.

CUOL Web Channel

Recorded courses made freely available for viewing to the world wide public.  See the Web Channel page for the schedule!

CUOL Student Centre

Watch lectures online at any time and at no charge using our viewing room in the Student Centre, D299 Loeb.

Pay Per Lecture

While not cost-effective for regular viewing, you can rent individual lectures online if you miss a class.

Web-based courses

A web-based course is designed to be delivered exclusively online, there is no recorded on-campus section. A web course is made up of elements such as recorded presentations, required readings, video clips and weekly assignments and activities.

Don’t forget, CUOL section students are welcome to sit in on a class on campus as long as there are seats available! Look for the on-campus class that is recorded for CUOL in Carleton Central for locations and times.