A web course is designed to be delivered exclusively online. There is no recorded on-campus section. Instead, a web course is made up of elements such as recorded presentations, required readings, video clips and weekly assignments and activities.

In some web courses, assignments and the final exam are conducted online. Other web courses have written exams that are held on-campus (distance exam arrangements are possible for students studying outside Ottawa). The course material is delivered through cuLearn, Carleton’s Learning Management System.

To see a list of our current web-based courses, visit our course list page.

Technical requirements for web-based courses

Students must have access to high speed Internet with Adobe Flash Player (a free download) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download) in order to complete a web course.

All students are expected to be technologically capable prior to starting web-based courses and are also expected to be able to read material and view videos online independently.