CDNS 2510 R - Introduction to Quebec Society (English version)

Web course
The evaluation for this course does not include formal seated exams, so no distance proctoring arrangements are required.

This online course surveys geographical, historical, demographic, cultural, political and social developments in Quebec, relations with English Canada and debates on identity and nationalism. Also available in French as CDNS 2511/FINS 2511.
Also listed as FINS 2510.
Precludes additional credit for CDNS 2511/FINS 2511.
Prerequisite(s): second-year standing or permission of the School of Canadian Studies.

CRN for section R: 10743

Instructor: Anne Trepanier

Anne Trepanier

About the instructor: Originally from Quebec City, I graduated in history at Laval University. I then mastered in rhetoric at McGill University, after which I did a second master in political philosophy at Centre Raymon-Aron (EHESS, Paris). I came back to Laval University for a doctorate in Quebec history and historiography and then completed a post-doctorate in sociology at the University of Ottawa.

As a professional educator, I see my task as fostering experiential learning, and I view students as equals. To me, mutual respect is a key component of both teaching and learning. Inspired by Socratic methods, my teaching is student-centered. I see myself as a tour guide, choosing the scenic route and allowing students to have a broader view, conceptual, theoretical or historical, before diving in their own projects.

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