CIVE 5609 R - Fundamentals of Fire Safety Engineering

The fire safety system, including social, economic and environmental issues; description of the fire safety regulatory system and the governing building codes and standards. This includes the global fire safety system in a facility and active fire protection systems; detection, suppression, smoke management. Precludes additional credit for CIVE 5707 (2001-2002).

This course covers the entire fire safety system, from describing the fire safety regulatory system, to the governing building codes and standards, to social, economic and environmental issues. We'll explore the global fire safety system in a facility, from fire ignition to extinguishment, and the impact of fire on the structure and its occupants, as well as the various active fire protection systems, such as detection, suppression and smoke management.

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Instructor: George Hadjisophocleous

George Hadjisophocleous

About the instructor: Since 2001, Professor Hadjisophocleous has held the Industrial Research Chair in Fire Safety Engineering at Carleton University. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of New Brunswick and is the author of over 200 publications in the areas of fire research, tunnel fire safety, fire risk assessment, performance-based codes and CFD modelling. Dr. Hadjisophocleous is a Fellow of SFPE, the Coordinator of CIB Commission W14 on Fire, a member of NFPA, IAFSS, and a registered professional engineer in Ontario.

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