PADM 5443 W - Qualitative Research Methods in Evaluation

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The evaluation for this course does not include formal seated exams, so no distance proctoring arrangements are required.

Methods used in qualitative evaluation research. Topics include: formulating evaluation research questions; deriving research designs from questions; qualitative data gathering techniques and approaches; managing evidence, ethics reviews, and analysis of qualitative data.

CRN for section W: 13950

Instructor: Anil Varughese

Anil Varughese

About the instructor: Broadly, my research seeks to understand how public policy can be harnessed to create equity-enhancing social outcomes in the developing world. One facet of my research examines the ways in which the distribution of political and economic power in poor democracies impede or facilitate egalitarian social welfare policies, especially in primary education, basic public health delivery, and poverty alleviation.

The other facet explores critical policy challenges emerging under globalization in the developing world, such as the exclusion of rural masses, rising inequality, and state fragility. My work delineates the impact of these challenges on governance capacity as well as on the prospects of deepening democracy in the global South, particularly in South Asia.

Areas of teaching interest are international development policy, comparative welfare policy, South Asian politics, and research methods.

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