ALDS 1001 R - Language Matters: Intro. ALDS

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The evaluation for this course does not include formal seated exams, so no distance proctoring arrangements are required.

Core topics in applied linguistics and discourse studies. First and second language acquisition; sign language; language teaching and assessment; language in society; language, identity and power; discourse analysis; written language and literacy.
Precludes additional credit for LALS 1000 and LALS 1002 (no longer offered).

We use language to communicate every day. But how do we learn, assess and teach it? This new online course will explore the answers to these questions and help give you a better understanding of the different branches of applied linguistics and discourse studies.

After successfully completing this course, you'll be able to summarize key issues within the field of language teaching and learning and differentiate characteristics of language across multiple contexts. You'll also be able to relate theories to language in everyday use and explain the role of language in various social, cultural and political settings.

This course was funded by the Government of Ontario through the Shared Online Course Fund.

CRN for section R: 30050

Instructor: Peggy Hartwick

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